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Our principal product, currently under development, is an automatic weather station providing basic weather information direct to a web site as well as a local graphic display. Live weather data will then be available through a standard web browser and the internet.

JP Technical Services are pleased to be associated with NCI Stepper Point, the National Coastwatch Institution's lookout at Stepper Point. Our first AWS is to be sited here. NCI Stepper Point is a recently re-opened and re-furbished coast guard lookout on Stepper Point, located at the end of the Camel estuary in Cornwall, a mile or so from Padstow. The automatic system will provide current weather information to the officers in the lookout and the same weather information on the web site. Standard synoptic and climatological weather statistics are available on the local display at Stepper Point as well as and the web site. Full archieved statistics will be available from the web site.

The display part of the data logger is based on the Amulet 1/4 VGA graphic display module. This module is fitted in a customised case is available as a separate product. Check out the link, 2nd from top on left, for details.

We have also modified the well known and popular Gill WindDisplay to enhance its brightness. Check out the top left link for details.


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