"Amulet Technologies"
AOB3202405B LCD module
Amulet Technologies AOB module

JP Technical Services is about to bring a display based on the Amulet 5.7" AOB3202405 LCD module into production for a specialised product. We thought it might find wider application in the Amulet user community. The display is wall mounting and self-contained in that a single cable brings both power and serial in/out. It could also be used as a hand-held or desktop system with appropriate mounting. The LCD module is coupled to a custom interface card and fitted in a two tone grey case.

It would be easy to use your own interface card instead of ours - at 167 x 97 mm there is plenty of real estate for an interface processor or other electronics if needed.
Put your company logo, product ID or annotations for the display on the recessed front panel. It's designed to take membrane keypads (to suppliment or replace the touch screen if needed) or printed labels.

Module details:



Top - light grey, base - agate grey (RAL 7035/7038)

width 200, height 112, depth 31 (mm)

Preliminary specifications:-


Screened RJ45 located so the cable comes out of the bottom of the case.
0V, supply 6.5 to 40V or direct 5V
RS485/422 signals, Tx+,Tx-, Rx+ and Rx-
Standard RJ45 ethernet pair pin connections enable off the shelf cabling to be used, either UTP or FTP depending on location EMC/EMI requirements.

Wall mounting methods:

Direct screwed to the wall with a clip-on front.
Small feet screwed to the case rear and in turn screwed to the wall (raises case another 4mm off wall).
Key hole slots in the back so the complete unit is dropped down onto screws (heads proud from the wall) already fitted into the wall.

Options being considered at the moment:-
  • Full screening of the case